Abby, like everyone else, I’m sorry for your pain. I lived with something that was excruciating for less than a full day and I was already making a deal with the devil: “if I can find one position to lie down and be pain free, I’m okay with not walking anymore.”

You must be extraordinarily courageous to make it through each day.

I know it’s no consolation, but I hope you keep your bathtub pictures for a long time. The photography is phenomenal.

Did you have someone shoot you, or was this just the result of your auto-timer? It looks like work I’ve seen in photographer portfolios.

The framing of the photo with the shower curtain and the pills above on the shelving makes the photo look a little surreal, like the image is bending around you, either from the heat of the bath, or the heat of your pain. There is so much beauty and honesty you share with the camera, in spite of your pain.

I hope you beat this disease and have enough distance from it that with time you will be able to see them as a detached observer and appreciate the art you created in these photos. I see them as a book cover…

Waterstain brushes by

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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