Actually, it was just a random desire to make a few jokes on Medium. I was reading some article off my feed that turned out to be housed on this site. I looked up to see a bunch of notifications and saw that there were still new people who began following me in spite of my absence. That led to my first self-deprecating joke which was the inspiration for the story (one that not one person caught, I will add!). And then I fleshed it out with some satirical references to social media celebrities and Herr Drumpf. That’s all it was.

I’ll still be around, mostly as an observer. Fortunately, work has picked up a little, and I’m spending a lot more time trying to get back in shape by playing and teaching tennis. Exercise is much better for regulating mood and combatting depression than reading and commenting on the news.

Seeing Trump implode during the debates and finally sink his candidacy gave me reason to write something celebratory.

And how could I resist the chance to poke my buddy julian rogers?

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