Actually, young people don’t realize that they’ve swallowed a false equivalency created by the modern media. If you took the time to watch Rachel Maddow and any other program on Fox, you woud be struck by the differences in magnitude of errors made and retractions.

The other big difference you’ll see is in which stories are chosen to air on each network. Here is an analysis by the Columbia Journalism Review about Fox and another that shows their obsession with Benghazi.

Finally, very few news sources try to connect the dots to give the bigger picture. Maddow, who admits to being a liberal opinion show host (not a news source), is one of the few shows that has done investigative journalism. She was talking about the problems with Michigan’s emergency manager law back in 2012, long before Flint’s water contamination story was revealed. Maddow was the first source to expose the Chris Christie bridge scandal. She also exposed the Trump fake veterans group story.

You’re a science guy. Just do some research and you’ll see how your age group has been duped.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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