After reading the first paragraph of this article, my first thought was Mozgov. But the Lakers were so bad during that time, you can’t say he was the worst, as Luol Deng was even more useless as player, with a more expensive contract. At least Mozgov played a couple of good games guarding Boogie Cousins when he was with Sacramento.

I think the worst Laker of the last 20 years has to be Kwami Brown. The Kobe-led 2005-2006 Lakers were a terrible team comprised of Kobe, Odom, and a bunch of guys that wouldn’t even qualify as role players on a good team.

After starting center Chris Mihm went down with a season ending injury, Kwami Brown took over as starter and played the best basketball of his forgettable career.

On the night when the Lakers pulled off a huge upset to take a 3–1 series lead against the mighty Seven Seconds or Less Phoenix Suns, Brown was accused of sexual assault in the early morning hours after that game. He was a shell of himself after that, fumbling away inside passes that would have led to dunks and the Lakers managed to blow the series.

If we go back to the most painful experience ever cause by a player in Lakers history, it has to be Frank Selvy. He was a past #1 overall pick who once scored 100 points in college and was shuttled around by various teams until he landed with the Lakers.

It wasn’t that Selvy was a bad player, it was that he missed THE SHOT. After grabbing two crucial rebounds and scoring two baskets in Game 7 of the 1962 NBA Finals, Selvy missed a 12-foot jump shot that would have won the championship at the end of regulation. The Lakers ended up losing in overtime, and the curse of the Celtics followed Jerry West and Elgin Baylor for the next seven years, as they lost all seven of their NBA Finals against Boston. If Selvy’s shot went in, maybe the Lakers would have won some of those other Game 7s.

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