After the latest loss to the Jazz, one person wrote a comment on the ESPN conversation:

So there are 10 teams with a better record right now than the Celtics. LOL they are tied with the Sacramento Kings, at the rate they are playing their pick in 2019 could be better than the one they are getting from the Kings…

If you think about it, the Celtics have played only 3 out of 12 solid games so far, beating the overrated Pistons twice and the clueless and failed Markelle Fultz experiment.

The rest of their season is garbage:

• Barely beat the Knicks

• Lost to the Magic

• Got punked by Jamal Murray and Victor Oladipo.

• Got dominated by the Raptors (no surprise — Toronto is the best team in the East)

• Needed a miraculous 24 of 55 3-pointers, plus two missed layups by Giannis and two missed free throws in the last 18 seconds to squeak by the Bucks.

• Gifted with a complete collapse by the Thunder (0 for 10, 3 turnovers) in the last 4:22 to overcome a 9-point deficit.

• Needed 4 of 5 3-pointers, two turnovers, six straight missed shots AND a missed free throw by Devin Booker with 43 seconds to overcome a 14-point deficit and tie the game in regulation against the 2–9 Suns.

The Celtics are playing so badly right now, their 2019 pick could end up being a lottery pick:)

Last year, everything I wrote about the Celtics was also mentioned by Haralabos Voulgaris in a Bill Simmons podcast: Tatum’s impossible to reproduce 3-point shooting; problems with the salary cap; and how the young guys will be affected after the All-Stars come back, and how they should have traded for Kawhi, starting at the 26 minute mark.

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