Aside from Daniel Theis belief that he is a pulling guard for the Patriots as he sets the most egregious moving screens in basketball (a hallowed Celtics tradition), Boston fans are a big reason the Patriots and Celtics are hated by so many fan bases.

With regard to the current team, I really underestimated them after last year.

The Kyrie Irving season really shows how much the star player of a team can affect team chemistry and the individual play of others.

Tatum and Brown were awful last year, which led me to think that their play the year before was impossible to replicate.

I also thought the loss of Al Horford would kill the team because of his defense and floor spacing, but it hasn’t during the regular season.

(It may eventually kill the Celtics if they have to play Philadelphia or Milwaukee in the playoffs, but that’s a whole different subject.)

Boston again looks like a classic Brad Stevens overachiever, just like they did from 2016–2018, when they reached two ECFs.

The big problem for the Celtics is that they use the same formula as Miami and Indiana, but they are only a league-average 3-point shooting team.

As such, they will win some big games when they got hot, like they did against the Lakers, but lose some terrible games when their opponent gets hot from deep, as they did against Sacramento.

Finally, recent history has made me question the skills of the Celtics’ coaching staff and front office.

As good as Brad Stevens is as a coach, his reputation for player development is taking a hit. Aside from Brown, Tatum and Smart (all top 6 picks), their original core, which young players are turning into major contributors?

Toronto got Anunoby with a #23 pick, Siakam with a #27 pick, Norman Powell with a #46 pick and VanVleet went undrafted. Those guys play more minutes for the Raptors than any player besides Kyle Lowry. Plus, Terence Davis, another undrafted player is shooting almost 40% from deep.

Look at what Miami has done with Adebayo (#14), Herro (#13), Robinson (undrafted), Nunn (undrafted), Jones (undrafted).

On the front office side, it is incredible that the Celtics are stuck in the same situation, in spite of Danny Ainge fleecing dumb GMs over the last ten years.

With all of those draft picks, they never got a superstar, even though they could have gotten Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, and possibly Anthony Davis.

Instead, they got Kyrie Irving.

For the foreseeable future, the Celtics will be tormented by Giannis, Simmons and Embiid, and Siakam, and they’re in cap space purgatory until the 2021–2022 season when they can dump Gordon Hayward’s contract.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer fan base:)

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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