All I’ve done is address your argument head on. I made one simple point that refutes your argument that Clinton is the most corrupt politician in your lifetime:

prove that the damage done by those arms deals have resulted in more total deaths or have had similar effects on the U.S.

Your response, once again, is to completely avoid the issue and branch off into a subject of which you are clearly uninformed.

I was against the Iraq War and knew they were lying when they rejected the CIA’s intelligence contained in the 1998 NIE of Iraq’s WMD programs, and then embraced the Cheney doctored 2002 NIE which claimed that Iraq had tons of WMDs stockpiled. Did you follow the story the way I did at the time, or were you part of the masses that swallowed the White House’s lies?

The anti-war protestors was proven correct by the 2004 Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, where Bush-appointed weapons inspector David Kay testified that Iraq had no WMDs, no weapons programs and no materials, in an uninterrupted span of thirteen years (1991–2004).

However, Florida Senator Bill Nelson a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Iraq WMD capabilities questioned Kay as follows:

“But I was told not only did we have the weapons of mass destruction — did HE have the weapons of mass destruction, and that he had the means to deliver them through unmanned aerial vehicles, but that he had the capability of transporting those UAVs outside of Iraq and threatening the homeland here in America, specifically by putting them on ships off the eastern seaboard, of which they would then drop their WMD on eastern seaboard cities.

You can see all the more why I thought there was an imminent threat. Can you bring any light on this?”

The Senators with the highest security clearance were given false information by the CIA before the vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

All the intelligence that expressed the CIA’s doubts about British Intelligence claims, including the infamous forged documents about Hussein trying to obtain Yellowcake uranium from Niger, were suppressed by the White House.

But here’s the thing that apparently separates us. I look at the above information and try to put myself in the place of a Senator in 2002.

As a private citizen, it was easy to believe that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were lying. But how would I have reacted if the director of the CIA lied to my face about Iraq having the capability to deliver chemical weapons to the Eastern seaboard? How would anyone?

If you want to argue that every Democrat who voted on false pretenses bears the same responsibilty as Bush and Cheney for the war and the unimaginable damage it caused, you are a right wing zombie, and we’re done.

If you want to argue that every Democrat who voted for the war on false pretenses is corrupt, incompetent or stupid, you’re a simplistic arm chair quarterback who can’t deal with the nuances of making life and death decisions.

FYI, I lived through the same period and saw the damage done to the country by that trio of Republican presidents, so your life experience argument is complete BS.

The whole point of researching a subject is to find as much information as possible from different sources. If I see a claim by Fox News or MSNBC, I look at other newspapers, foreign news sources, and the original documents if they are available. And I follow the same story for months, if necessary, and connect the dots myself if the media won’t do it.

Our national media is horrible at presenting facts and connecting the dots — just look at how long it took to expose the Flint water crisis. But it was reported by local Detroit news sources over a year before the story became national.

Your insistence that learning is a problem may be the reason why you can’t even read what I wrote and understand why I find your arguments ridiculous.

Apparently, you still can’t even comprehend that I was a Sanders supporter. Do I need to write it like this?

I was a Sanders supporter.

I have also written (long before I engaged in this useless discussion with you) that Hillary is a flawed candidate. But I stop at the point where you continue to claim she is the most corrupt politician in your lifetime.

I just told you the truth about the lies surrounding the Iraq War and how difficult it would be for any rational person to deal with them during that critical time in 2002.

Why don’t you tell the truth and explain your personal agenda for clinging to such a blatant misrespresentation of reality about Hillary?

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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