Amazing catch, but it was luckier than the helmet catch. A defensive back touched the ball first. There were three defenders around the ball versus one Patriot. And, the ball fell on top of an Atlanta player’s leg so it didn’t touch the ground.

Great comeback for the Patriots, but that’s more on Matt Ryan getting sacked on three key possessions. Two sacks occurred in New England territory, where a field goal clinches the game, including 2nd and 11 at the Patriots 23 with 3:56 left in the game.* The third was the key turnover at 28–12, giving New England great field position with ten minutes left in the game.

*I looked up the down and distance again, and can’t believe that Atlanta didn’t just run two quarterback sneaks and try an extra-point length field goal to go up by eleven with three minutes left in the game. Falcons fans will be suffering in the ninth cirlce of hell for a long time to come on this one. This may be the most painful loss in the history of the Super Bowl.

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