Amy, in your own words: “In fact, my husband helps out way more than the average husband or father.” and “For the record (tune in here, men’s rights advocates), this is not a rant against men, it’s a call for society in general to do better.”

You conclude “We need to make it truly okay for women to opt out of working [my words: having an outside job; being a mom is a full time professional, already], too.”

What are you asking for?

  1. Make women aware that their choices have consequences and there are sacrifices
  2. No more judgements, put downs or discrimination based on the choices a woman makes in her life (from either men or women)
  3. Provide support — maternity leave, job security, adequate child care — for every woman
  4. [my words — and don’t leave a bag of used diapers and dirty laundry in the one place where I’m forced to live due to a post-delivery injury. If it’s not okay in a hospital room, it’s not okay in the bedroom]
  5. [my words — feed me and the kids while I’m recuperating from child birth]

I would hope everyone could get on board with this totally reasonable list.

To make changes #1–3 will require a huge number of changes in the economy, society and politics.

In order to get the political power to implement #3, the Democrats to retake the House, get 60 Democratic Senators, a Democratic president, and add a couple of moderate Supreme Court Justices (so they can’t rule that businesses don’t have to provide maternity leave because of the CEO’s religious beliefs).

[And if you believe a Republican woman would help out, get real and look at the voting records of Senators Lisa Murkowski, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Deb Fisher, Shelley Moore Capito, and Kelly Ayotte]

Focusing on gender anger (based on your recommended responses) is just one more wedge issue that keeps people from uniting on the most important issues.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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