1. Bran’s greenseer powers are like HBO GO. He can see content anywhere at any time. However, he does not have the power of NFL Red Zone, where one can sometimes view up to eight games simultaneously by dividing up the screen. Bran was occupied by looking into Littlefinger’s thoughts about betraying Ned, followed by discovering the truth about rhaegar and Lyanna. He saw the ice dragon off screen.
  2. The Unsullied captured Casterly Rock easily by going through Tyrion’s secret sewer passage. Everything before that was a Guy Ritchie film technique where Tyrion narrated what everyone thought would happen.
  3. Everyone who saw the wight is a relatively normal human being afraid of the end of the world. Only a truly sick person like Cersei (or Qyburn) would look at it as a distraction that could aid the war effort (or a wonderful scientific opportunity).
  4. Brienne-Sandor was my favorite reunion because it brought together two people who were trying to kill each other but now found themselves on the same side.
  5. Three possible reasons for Jon’s winter coat: 1) Jon, like everyone in the world except Daenerys, has one set of clothes and not suit bag he could leave at the hotel. He’s forced to carry that coat with him, or he won’t have it when he needs it. 2) Jon has developed a terrible hunch back and is trying to hide his affliction. 3) IKEA stopped making the rugs that were used on the cloaks, so he knows he won’t be able to replace it if he loses it.
  6. Qyburn did look happy. It’s probably a stretch, but I could see him reanimating the hand and somehow creating a path for communication with the Night King so Cersei could make a side deal with him, a la Craster.
  7. Euron is too new to the show for people to know anything more about him beside being a dick.
  8. You already answered this question with the Davos interview.
  9. No. It couldn’t happen at that time. But Clegane Bowl is coming.
  10. It was the only thing those two drunks had in common.
  11. In French, sharing a set of grandparents makes them both aunt-nephew and cousin-cousin at the same time. I hope that makes you feel better. What’s creepy is that the granparents were brother and sister. And originally they wanted to name their eldest son “Cletus,” and youngest daughter “Brandine.”
  12. I have no idea about Cersei’s pregnancy.
  13. The frog witch’s prophecy has being proven to be true in every way so far; we have seen nothing to indicate Mirri Maz Duur’s prophecy will come true.
  14. The failed knees to the groin was dumb but a necessary device to get the first mate to lose his concentration and allow Theon to have a chance in the fight. As I watched the fight I thought that Theon’s only real advantage was his ability to take punishment. I guessed the first mate’s hands would get tired and he’d finally give up.
  15. Cersei still loves Jamie a little. the real problem is if he goes to the North without the remnants of the Lannister army. Remember, the Unsullied wiped out the forces guarding the castle, the dragons and dothraki wiped out a huge number of soldiers, and the rest were captured and bent the knee for Daenerys. I don’t think they have many soldiers left.

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