Are you including the New York Times exit polls as a propaganda outlet?

Clinton and Sanders split the male vote (41% of total votes), while Clinton won among women (59% of total votes) 63% to 37%.

Using simple mathematics this translates to 57.67% for Clinton, and 42.33% for Sanders.

Please explain how this would suggest a 5 point margin.

You on the other hand, are not linking to your data, so I have to wonder where you are getting your facts.

CNN’s exit polls show the exact same results. However, I looked up a website which claims election fraud, and they indicated that the CNN exit polls showed a 5% margin. Is the conspiracy that the initial polls showed a 5% margin, and that CNN doctored their own exit polls? At what point do we decide to trust only data when it agrees with our personal desires?

Now look at your own words. Your statement “worst Democratic candidate in modern history” shows your own personal bias. And you couldn’t be further from the truth.

As I’ve written extensively, I supported Sanders, but I’m not blind to the facts.

When the two Democratic candidates voted the same way on 93% of their votes in the Senate, we are not talking about the massive differences manufactured by the Sanders campaign and the media. Massive differences would be when the candidates are on opposite sides of the issues 93% of the time, as they would be with Trump or any Republican.

There’s no doubt that Clinton is a flawed candidate, but so were John Kerry and Al Gore. Mondale and Dukakis were absolute disasters. Humphrey was not chosen by the people, so regardless of his good qualities, he did not represent the will of the Democrats.

Carter wasn’t a great politician, but he had a vision for this country that was thirty years ahead of his time. He could have been one of our greatest presidents, but he was a victim of a corporate hit squad that did not want to see the country move away from fossil fuels to clean, sustainable energy. (Remember, he was the one who put solar panels on the White House, while Reagan tore them off.

You’ve got to dig deeper into a story that has this many players and layers of lies and hidden agendas.

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