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Any politically motivated policy to make it more difficult for specific voting groups to vote is voter suppression. This includes restricting the number of days for early voting, reducing the number of polling places and voting machines in heavily populated areas, limiting the time and ability for people to register to vote, purging names from voting lists based on any number of reasons (misleading government notices, biased data base searches that target specific groups, etc.), voter intimidation inside or outside polling places, AND voter ID laws.

The burden of proof is on you to show the necessity of voter ID laws. Wide spread Voter fraud is a myth:

From the Washington Post:

And, from NBC News:

A study of 2,068 alleged election-fraud cases in 50 states between 2000 and 2012 found the level of fraud was infinitesimal compared with the 146 million voters registered over the 12-year period.

With regard to specific cases of voter suppression, here are articles from major sources:

27,000 votes currently separate Trump and Clinton in Wisconsin, where 300,000 registered voters, according to a federal court, lacked strict forms of voter ID. Voter turnout in Wisconsin was at its lowest levels in 20 years and decreased 13 percent in Milwaukee, where 70 percent of the state’s African-American population lives, according to Daniel Nichanian of the University of Chicago.

The North Carolina Republican Party has been widely criticized this election year for its efforts in suppressing the minority vote in the state. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled in July that the state’s voter ID laws “target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

The fact that Federal Courts are overturning many of these laws because they target minorities and the poor does not change the fact that this is a partisan effort at the state level to systematically reduce the number of voters who traditionally vote for democratic candidates.

As evidence, Republican politicians claim that their efforts in limiting the number of votes specifically target minorities, the poor and students:

In all these articles, there are links to original sources. I hope you take the time to learn about what’s really going on.

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