As much as I love Game of Thrones, the show continues to create made-for-TV plot points that make absolutely no sense other than to surprise the fans and force the story line to go in their desired direction. IMO, these show premises and character actions are completely ridiculous:

#1: There aren’t enough resources and people on the Iron Islands to build and man the one thousand galleon-style ships in Euron’s fleet*

#2 Two massive fleets in the relatively close proximity of Blackwater Bay could remain completely hidden from each other.

#3 No one would send out patrols.

#4 Danerys would not fly over Kings Landing with her dragons both to view the opposition’s soldiers and supplies, and to make a show of strength (like torching Euron’s fleet).**

*Based on the following references:

**Danerys has proven to be far too intelligent and cunning over the last six seasons to simply sit inside a castle and do nothing but talk.

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