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As soon as NBA players realize he has no outside shot, they will ignore the step back move and take away the lane. Here are the shot charts from the games he played against Ball last season. Ball is on the left and Fox is on the right of each chart.

UCLA 97, Kentucky 92 (December 2016):

UCLA 75, Kentucky 86 (NCAA Tourney):

For the season, Fox was not just bad outside the restricted area, he was horrifyingly putrid, as shown by his shot chart in the Ringer’s draft guide.

On the other hand, you have to give Fox credit for his defense on Ball, who shot a combined 9 for 22 (.750 on 2-point shots, .214 on 2-point shots) in these two games, compared to his season averages (.732 on 2-point shots, .412 on 3-point shots), with 10 turnovers (double his season average).

The Lakers-Kings rivalry, regardless of how bad the teams are in the near term, will be really interesting just to see these two players battle against each other for at least four games every season.

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