At the end of the Operation Desert Storm (Iraq War I), the following events occurred:

  1. In 1991, the U.S.-led coalition forces destroyed all of Iraq’s WMDs.
  2. Then-Secretary of State Dick Cheney argued against deposing Saddam Hussein:
  3. U.N. Inspectors were in place for seven years, during which time, no weapons, resources or programs were found.
  4. The CIA reported such in its 1998 NIE on Iraq’s WMD capabilities.
  5. Saddam Hussein kicked out the inspectors, and began his own disinformation program.
  6. In 1998, Bill Clinton argued for bombing Iraq. He made statements about the threat of leaving Hussein alone, beccause at some point in the future, he could restart his weapons programs. Over the next three years, politicians repeated and slurred this message into something completely different, claiming that Iraq had WMDs.
  7. The CIA thought British intelligence and it sources were faulty throughout much of 2002 and they faxed the White House twice in August of 2002 to not talk about yellowcake uranium because of the two sources in Niger, one mine was innudated and the other was under French control. (This is all public record in the 2005 Senate Intelligence Report on intelligence failures in Iraq.)
  8. In spite of serious CIA doubts and push back, the 2002 NIE on Iraq’s WMD capabilities was doctored to make it appear a certainty that Hussein had stockpiles of weapons.
  9. In his January 28, 2003 State of the Union speech, George W. Bush delivered his famous sixteen words “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa,” a carefully constructed lie to exempt Bush from criminal prosecution — notice how he attributes the false information to the British government, instead of the CIA, because they had already warned the White House that they doubted this information. (When the administration later conceded that the evidence was inconclusive, they blamed the error on the CIA. This is also a lie, because he was warned the previous August — see #7 — NOT to talk about yellow cake uranium.)
  10. In 2003, Bush appointed David Kay as the head weapons inspector in Iraq.
  11. In 2004, David Kay testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about Iraqi WMDs. He reported that Iraq had no WMD, resources or programs at any time between 1991 and 2003. During this testimony, Senator Ben Nelson testified that he and other Senators with the highest security clearance were given information presented as “fact” that Hussein had WMDs and the ability to deliver them America’s east coast. (This is the smoking gun which showed that the White House manipulated the CIA and its intelligence. We know the 1998 NIE on Iraq stated they had no WMDs. We know the CIA warned the White House about the unverified and dubious nature of the intelligence on Iraq’s WMD capabilities as evidenced by their warnings in August of 2002. We know that those doubts were removed from the pages of the 2002 NIE. We now know that the Senate was told fairy tales about the imminent threat of Iraqi WMDs. We know that Bush introduced the false specter of Hussein trying to create nuclear weapons. And we know that Colin Powell had been misled when he presented false information about Iraqi WMDs in his UN Speech on February 3, 2003.)

For people who paid attention to the entire chain of events, we knew that Bush and Cheney were lying to the world. Young people and old were being gaslighted by the massive propaganda machine of the White House and the mainstream media.

Apparently, you are the one who was not paying attention.

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