At the opening of episode 5:

Jamie: “That was only one of them. She has two more. If she decides to use them… to really use them…”

Bronn: “You’re fucked.”

Jamie: “Don’t you mean we’re fucked.”

Bronn: “No I do not. Dragons is where our partnership ends. I’m not going to be around when those things start spitting fire at King’s Landing.”

Bronn is the most honest and transparent character in Westeros:

  1. He took Tyrion’s money for his room at the inn.
  2. He defended Tyrion because he knew he could beat one of the clumsy knights of the Vale and become wealthy helping Tyrion.
  3. He let Cersei buy him off from defending Tyrion at the trial by combat because he didn’t want to risk getting killed against the Mountain.
  4. He trained Jamie and took pleasure at every opportunity to abuse a nobleman and get paid for it.
  5. He went with Jamie to Dorne when he found out that Lollys of Stokeworth would not inherit the family castle and realized he had been suckered by Cersei.
  6. He saved Jamie to protect his the debt Jamie owes him.

The only lie he has ever told was making up that bogus excuse to get Jamie down in the dragon bones chamber to meet Tyrion.

I doubt he will trust Cersei to make a deal with her again. He’ll probably try to get another bag of gold from Jamie and then wait for the right opportunity to join up with his best buddy.

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