Athletes who talk trash and make guarantees alienate a lot of people. All of that pent-up negative energy is going to come out in huge waves when the trash talker finally loses. Rousey paid the ultimate price for not respecting her opponent.

With regard to the “danger of being imperfect while female,” this over sensitive reaction ignores the fact that Rousey chose to play that role, and that she makes more money than any male UFC champion.

The example of Rousey shows the power of really good marketing and the fact that reasonably attractive blond women can leverage their looks to make more money than “less desireable” women or physically superior men in many sports.

If you’re going to write about institutional sexism in sports and marketing, maybe you should address the fact that Serena Williams has beaten Maria Sharipova 18 straight times, and won 16 more Grand Slams, but makes $5 million less per year in total income. Or that Anna Kournikova never won a singles title or cracked the top 5, but makes $10 million a year in endorsements.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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