Back in the day when I was a tennis pro, a rich guy used to pay me to play with him in an ongoing Friday doubles match against his buddy the club pro, and another club member.

When we would play, he would make bad calls, but I would reverse the call and tell him that we could win without cheating. I helped him improve his game, but he never improved in his line calls.

One day, he told me a story to prove he was the “John McEnroe of real estate” in Beverly Hills. Long story short, he bribed the executor of an estate to know how little he needed to bid in order to outbid the other people who wanted the property. He had to have gotten the property for a steal, or he wouldn’t have been so proud of himself.

There are two morals to this story:

  1. When someone cheats in sports, there is no doubt that they will cheat in life.
  2. Even if they can win normally, these kinds of people enjoy cheating, the idea that they have fooled their opposition and that they can break the rules and get away with it.

President Bogey will fuck over anyone and anything — not only those who oppose him, but those who support him — because he likes to do it.


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