Based on how well the Lakers have played since they got Tyson Chandler, and how badly they played the two games McGee was sick, I would say the 2nd banana is the combined center position. Neither one can play an entire game by themselves, but let them play 24 minutes each and the Lakers have been a top 10 defensive team.

The #3 guy is Lonzo because of his defense and ability to run the offense.

The #4 guy is Ingram who is still a better two-way player than Kuzma.

The #5 guy is Kuzma who is fantastic on offense, but still needs a lot of work on defense, especially when the team has to adjust their schemes due to injury.

The #6 guy is Rondo, because without him, the Lakers bench has been a disaster, followed by Hart, who is a good fit with just about any lineup on the court.

After that, there is no one that should have a long leash in a playoff game: KCP is the best guy, but he can have some horrible lapses in focus; Lance is next, because of his focus, but he can have horrible lapses in judgement; SVI, Wagner, and Bonga are rookies who need a lot of time in the G League playing games.

Hopefully, the Lakers will be back at full strength tomorrow, because any kind of losing streak in the West causes massive changes in the playoff race.

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