Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true.

Based on what, your opinion? All of the Republicans who did not vote for him during the primaries expressed their dislike for him. All the GOP establishment who condemned his outrageous statements either did not show up to the convention or have given their support in the name of political expediency. If he loses the election, they will dump him immediately.

The fact that they didn’t vote for him during the primaries doesn’t mean that they haven’t — which is your unsupported assertion.

I didn’t say a word about the general election. The possibility that they may vote for him because they hate Clinton more in no way supports the author’s original assertion that Trump make people feel good.

You are stuck in the past…

Thanks for the update. Let’s see how the polls change after the DNC.

Again, do not be complacent, based on poor reasoning and out of date statistics. That’s all I have to say here. Over and out.

I think we are on the same side here, but you should stop jumping to conclusions about what I think and how well I think. If you read anything I’ve written about politics over the last couple of months, you would know how concerned I am about the possibility of Trump winning.

BTW, I totally agree with you on your arguments about the unintended bias that has occurred because of “he said, she said” political reporting. Do you remember when Reagan called ketchup a vegetable as an excuse to cut funding for school lunches? Nobody in the press came out and called him on his bullish*t.

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