Be careful what you ask for, Rodger. Do you remember the end of Major League?

The Lakers have been almost comically bad for the last four years, but if they really wanted to tank, they would have played all their veteran starters. So maybe the basketball gods will smile down on them.

While your writings on Metta World Peace are funny, they don’t tell the real story. Even with that last three-pointer he bricked, MVP shot 40% from beyond the arc, and led the team with eight points, one assist, one rebound and one steal in the fourth quarter. Giving MWP minutes at the end of games is like a min-farwell tour, which he has earned and the fans love.

No player ever worked harder to overcome his past and become a good guy. No player in NBA history ever auctioned off his only championship ring to support a special charity. No player in NBA history has done more to raise the consciousness of the public about mental health issues.

Metta World Peace is one of my favorite players ever, because of how much he has worked to improve himself and because he is one of the funniest people to ever play basketball. His interview after the game 7 win over the Celtics for the 2010 NBA Championship (suck it, Simmons) is the greatest piece of performance art in the history of sports.

A warning to Laker haters everywhere, beware of Anthony Davis’ future free agency… Destination: Hollywood.

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