Brandon, there’s an old saying to the effect that you never trade a dollar for its equivalent in change. In the history of the NBA, has there ever been a trade where the team getting the superstar was unhappy?

Holding on to a couple of prospects who have little to no chance of becoming as good a player as Westbrook is just delusional.

To me, Westbrook is the one player the Lakers could build around. Lebron and Chris Paul are too old. Curry can’t play defense and depends on a system that features five guys who can shoot 3’s. Anthony Davis seems too fragile. Harden is even more selfish and plays no defense. Kawhi Leornard is great, but he doesn’t have the alpha-dog personality and energy of Westbrook.

If you want to build a great team, you have to answer two questions:

1) Do you have the best player on the floor on any given night?

2) Do you have a player who creates mismatches at his position that force the opponent to change their normal style of play?

With the exception of Cleveland and Golden State, Westbrook will be the best player on the floor in every game. And, with his incredible energy and aggression, he creates a mismatch against every team, neutralizing even great players like Chris Paul and Stephen Curry.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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