Brett Kavanaugh might be innocent…

But should he be a judge at any level within the U.S. legal system?

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have brought up all the usual hard feelings and partisan posturing, as well as the horrible optics of a bunch of old white male senators holding all the power in deciding whether a woman is telling the truth about her sexual assault allegations. The hearings have largely been a waste of time, as the Republican majority in the Senate has no interest in trying to find the truth, or in fulfilling their duties of Advice and Consent.

Brett Kavanaugh is innocent… so why are there so many unresolved questions about him?

Like any fan of detective stories, I’m always looking for clues. When Chekov found a gun in Act I of a play, he expected that gun to be fired in Act III.

What happened to “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?”
  • The Clinton investigation took 7 years and cost over $40 million, and came up with absolutely nothing related to the original focus, the Whitewater investigation, or any other expansion of the investigation, except for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

While we’ll never know if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent or not regarding Dr. Ford’s allegations of sexual assault, he’s provided more than enough evidence about his character and motivations to disqualify him from being a judge.

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