1. By almost every metric, the Rams were the better team. Everything went wrong for them to start the game in the loudest stadium ever. The Rams play every year at Seattle, and the press never described the noise the way they did in New Orleans.
  2. Gurley wasn’t right. He hasn’t dropped two passes in a game ever. After the drop that resulted in the interception, he dropped a ball on the Brandin Cooks non-PI call that would have either given the Rams a first down inside the 10 or resulted in a touchdown. Instead, the settled for the field goal to make it 13–3.
  3. If the Rams went for it and scored a touchdown, they would have led 24–20. In that scenario, the Saints go for it on 4th down after the horrible no-call and probably score the winning touchdown with even less time on the clock. I think McVay had to remember how the Saints reacted when they stopped the fake field goal in the regular season game with the Saints. Their offense and the fans went crazy. If the Saints go on the same drive being up 20–17, even with the no-call, they go up 23–17 and there’s almost no way the Rams score a touchdown in the last minute with no time outs and 1:41 left in the game.
  4. Very little has been said about the problems Goff had with the communications equipment in his helmet. An article in The Athletic said he had to borrow Sean Mannion’s helmet for the first two drives and they couldn’t get the play calls to all the players. After they fixed the head set problem, the Rams offense scored on 6 of the remaining 9 possessions.
  5. Football is a game of adjustments. After their hot start, the Saints scored on only 2 of their last 7 possessions. The were the better team for one quarter, but failed to deliver the knock out blow by settling for field goals.
  6. There is way too much focus on the blown PI call. This was not the Fail Mary, where the refs awarded Seattle a touchdown on the last play of the game when it should have been ruled either an interception or a game ending offensive pass interference call. This was not the game in Pittsburgh where the catch rule overturned a touchdown with less than 30 seconds left that would have beaten New England and given the Steelers home field advantage in the 2017 playoffs. This wasn’t the Tuck Rule game, which started the entire Patriots dynasty. New Orleans had multiple chances to win the game, in spite of that call, while the Rams got a number of bad calls earlier in the game that would have completely changed the course of that game. It’s just convenient for people to see it as a black and white single play.

Aside from one bad play by the Rams safety on that hanging long pass to Ted Ginn Jr., Brees didn’t complete one good deep throw. The Saints offense hasn’t looked good since the Cowboys game. If the NFC Championship had been held on a neutral field, is there really any doubt which team would have won?

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