Come on, Jules, please take credit where credit is due.

You originated the term, and I merely packaged it an easy-to-use, less directly vulgar form, so all the masses can enjoy it.

For every person who has to type on a smart phone keypad, using acronyms like CTSF and CTSG is a public service.

IKALOPLT, don’t you?

Those virtual keys are AFU

SCNR, but CTSF WFM, its 2G2BT

If you wanna be the AITR and type old school, G4!

BTW, it’s as natural as LOL

OMG, it’s like better than C&P, oh BFF

FWIW, my FAQs help reduce FOMO

IM2BZ2P, so faster is better, no?



IOW, I help noobs not have to RTFM, AKA having to DIY

IDK, sometimes i SMH and ROTFL when I try to read people’s texts, it’s like WTF?

MMW, the ™ is yours

AAMOF, any scratch TBD will go to you


I hope it’s OK, NRN

THX again for the shout out, YMMD!


(Don’t ask me to translate the above. I already misplaced the web page with all the abbreviations.)

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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