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Eastern Conference only, if you please.

Could Lebron James be your team’s savior?

A master plan that will lead to a whole new kind of legacy

I just read an interesting take from Antony L. Design, in which he came up with the novel idea that Lebron James’ plans for his post basketball legacy are way bigger than just becoming an entrepeneur like Magic, a team owner like Jordan, or even making a splash in the entertainment industry like Kobe.

The idea here is that Lebron could use his platform and voice in Washington DC to influence society and politics to become the real GOAT (not MJ, Brandon), just like Muhammad Ali became the voice of his generation.

Now while I agree this is a brilliant use of Lebron’s talent to become a more powerful influence in the nation’s capital, it occurred to me that being the next Ali is thinking too small.

Lebron James has been playing 4-dimensional chess while the rest of us mere mortals (NBA level on down to playground wannabees) have been playing checkers. So if I ask the question, you’d better believe he’s already thought of it:

Why wouldn’t Lebron James use his skills to raise the spirits of suffering cities across the East Coast right now, win the good will of millions, and eventually create a platform from which he can MAKE instead of simply influence policy?

I give you President Lebron James…

Now before you stop reading, shake your head in disgust, or write a nasty comment, at least check out Lebron’s master plan and why it can work.

Part 1: Revitalize Key East Coast Cities

For the last few years, Lebron James has been consistent in his behavior of signing one year contracts, building teams (with varying degrees of success, I’m looking at you, J.R. Whiff), and giving underdogs hope. Regardless of his team or his opponents, Lebron has bulled his way to the Finals for eight straight years.

When the Cavs inevitably lose to the Warriors (unless Agent Orange starts WWIII before the series finishes), Lebron will make another “Decision,” choosing to stay in Cleveland, chase another ring in Houston or Philadelphia, or get ready to take over Hollywood.

But there is another option…

Lebron James can make your city King for a Year, for the low, low cost of $35,000,000.00 (luxury tax not included).

Think about it. Is there even one team in the Eastern Conference that is so bad you would bet against Lebron winning the Eastern Conference by joining them next year? Each one of this year’s playoff teams would become the heavy favorite, and a couple might even give the Warriors a run for their money.

But how about Detroit, with Drummond and Griffin? Or Charlotte with Howard and Walker? The Knicks with a healthy Porzingis? Even Chicago has a good 3-point shooting center in Markkannen and a super athletic wing in LaVine.

Could you even be sure he can’t go all the way with Orlando and Atlanta?

Over the next 5–7 years, Lebron James could bring a level of joy to the downtrodden masses in the Eastern Conference by taking each city to an NBA Finals. (It would also bring joy to the hearts of Los Angeles fans, as this would insure the Celtics are shut out in the East at least until the Lakers rise in the West.)

While the owners would have to pay the luxury tax for one year, they would be guaranteed full houses every night and 6–12 playoff games, which are worth at least $1 million per game.

When you add in merchandise, increased tourism and the promise that fans will continue to buy future season tickets in the hopes that Lebron stays a second year, the owners will definitely make money out of the deal, and remove the stench associated with their historically bad management. (Do you think James Dolan wouldn’t rent Lebron for a year after paying over $38 million for the corpses of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah?)

Part 2: Leverage that good will into a political position

When Lebron finally retires, he could be hailed as the savior of New York, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, Orlando, Atlanta, Indiana, AND Washington DC.

Think about the political base that would form. Do you think he couldn’t be elected as the Governor of the state from which he retires? And for all the people who think Lebron has been a lousy GM giving out ridiculous contracts to average players, does that disqualify him in the age of the Donald?

I think not.

Being a governor would allow him to gain the executive experience he needs in order to pursue higher office. And what he doesn’t know about writing State of the Union speeches, he could always learn from Gutbloom, the Tribune of Medium

Part 3: Build a coalition that will help him take the White House

Once Lebron has a couple of terms as governor under his belt, he is a shoo-in candidate for the Democratic party.

You know, the party that has completely floundered since the last black guy left office?

By winning Conference Championships and possible future titles (and let’s face it, Curry, Durant & Thompson will wear out before Lebron does), all Lebron has to do is carry Ohio (slam dunk, right?), and Florida (Miami and Orlando fans unite!). If Lebron carries Washington to the Finals, it won’t take a wizard for him to carry Virginia, as well, which guarantees victory with 279 electoral votes.

Add the already blue North Carolina (Dwight Howard finally has a reason to keep that dopey smile on his face) and traditionally blue Michigan (would this finally stop Blake Griffin from whining?), and he’s up to 310 electoral votes.

If Indiana is grateful enough for only the second trip to the NBA Finals in the franchise’s history, that’s 321.

And if Georgia appreciates their first Finals appearance since 1960, Lebron could become our playmaker-in-chief in 2032 with a mandate of 337 electoral votes.

Hail to the King, baby!

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Are there future visits to the White House in store for Lebron James?

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