Currently, I’m spend more time on Medium looking for funny writers, like Ellie Guzman.

When my mom was alive, she loved to laugh. Perhaps it was her most effective form of therapy. Like so many of the women on Medium, she was a victim of sexual abuse (she was only a child), experienced all kinds of other problems and fought her whole life to find some peace and sanity.

Everybody has some form of burden to overcome in their lives. Focusing on the damage is exhausting and turns into a 24/7 activity. So breaking it up with some laughter is a necessary health measure.

When you watch young children, they laugh heartily all the time. Think about the physical effects of laughter as an exercise.

Now think about how many times we have a good laugh as adults. How many times in a day do you laugh out loud? How many times is the laughter so hard you feel like you’ll get a cramp or have to stop yourself from peeing (or not)?

We simply don’t get enough of the right exercise.

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