Dear Self Appointed Party Spokesperson,

No, it’s not your party. It’s our party, which includes the 45% of the people who voted for Sanders, including life-long Democrats like me. Democrats who have done campaign work. Can you say the same? Because if you’re just some social media poser, that makes your article even worse.

The last thing in the world we need is another idiot fanning the flames of discontent and poking the Bernie or Busters, who I have also addressed for their childish behavior:

In a time when we need unity to defeat Herr Drumpf, we need to put aside our differences, just like Clinton supporters did when Obama won the nomination in 2008.

Yesterday, in his morning rally, Bernie Sanders did everything he could to recognize the efforts of his campaign supporters, point out the incredible effect of their work — the most progressive party platform ever — and ask them to recognize the political realities of preventing a dangerous egomaniac (no, not Clinton, you fools, Herr Drumpf). And his efforts were greeted with boos.

I say to emotionally charged supporters on both sides: have some respect for Sanders. He worked his entire life to further the causes he believes in.

Those causes — single payer health care, free college, protecting Social Security, cleaning up Wall Street, addressing income inequality, not invading countries, protecting American workers, fighting bad free trade agreements, etc. — are supported in national polls by huge majorities of the population. These people include Democrats, Republicans, and Greens. Sanders has been on the right side of history on all of these issues; Hillary often has not. Sanders’ presence has pushed Hillary to adopt positions that Sanders and the American people advocate.

Instead of writing this kind of churlish attack on the eve of the DNC, you should be on your knees thanking Bernie Sanders for making Hillary Clinton a better candidate for president.

Now, let’s get to work and make sure we hold onto the White House and take back the Senate.

Go Blue.

Another Democrat

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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