Disagreement noted, but you need a little hyperbole check. I didn’t say that Kyle Kuzma was already a better player than Hayward (even though his PER is much higher!).

Hayward was a reserve on the 2017 All-Star game, which puts him around 20–25 at his best.

As a wing, there’s no way you can compare him to Durant, LeBron, Leonard, and Giannis.

I would also put Aldridge, Butler, DeRozan, Thompson, Draymond and PG13 all ahead of him.Among guards, Curry, Harden, Westbrook, Lillard, Simmons, and CP3, are clearly better players, and maybe Oladipo is at that level.

Finally, these bigs are more valuable: Davis, KAT, Embiid, Jokic, Gobert.

Fully healthy and at his best, there are at least 22 players who are far more valuable than Hayward.

It’s arguable that he’s not even the third best player on his own team. Given his ridiculous contract, I would take both Tatum and Brown over him. And Kyrie Irving had a championship pedigree.

If you were starting a team, there’s no way I would take Hayward over Mitchell and his rookie contract.

And we’re not even mentioning multiple All-Star appearances by Love, Wall, Beal, Lowry, Kemba Walker. Even Jrue Holiday is a former All-Star who is a better defender. (And don’t forget Gary Harris! Denver would ignore Boston’s call, right?)

As far as the window, Boston will go way over the luxury tax in the next two years, or lose their young stars. If Toronto gets to the Finals, I think Kawhi stays, and they will own the East for the next 3–4 years.

While the Celtics have great depth, they will not have the best player (or players) on the court in their key playoff series (Toronto, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Golden State, Houston).

In NBA history, the team without superstars almost never wins a title.

That’s not much of a window, in my opinion.

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