Donna, this is the curse of writing in general and satirists in particular.

It’s bad enough when people get upset because they don’t understand your sense of humor, and you were trying to write something funny.

But after years dedicated to the crafts of satire and absurdism, no one believes me when I try to say something serious.

For this response, please allow me to display this sincerity advisory alert.

I designed this seal for the purpose of alerting readers whenever I have something serious to say.

As I wrote in this rant on sincerity:

Humorists will be forewarned to stay away, while fearful newbies will know I am creating a haven for them to learn meaningful lessons.

Please accept my remarks as high compliments to your writing.

One of the facets of your writing that impresses me the most is the thoroughness of you research — you almost don’t even need to make an argument.

This is especially important when you write about women’s issues.

The reason why so many men respond to you positively is they don’t feel like they are being judged, tried and convicted within the same essay.

(This would be the time I normally insert a joke about my wife, but I shall refrain from doing so, as the post is protected by the sincere certification seal.)

I’ve read a number of your articles and am especially impressed by the clinical way you observe your own issues as well as the men in your life.

The ability to show self-awareness is sorely lacking in the personal confession genre.

So much of my writing is focused on the hypocrisy and bullshit that fills the internet (my own included). This is sort of my writing manifesto, which was inexplicably selected by Medium’s curation team.

Bloggers who write, share personal stories; writers who blog, show self-awareness when they share personal stories.

What we love about books, films and shows is when the characters evolve.

When characters show no self-awareness and continue to make the same mistakes, it just turns into trashy soap opera (I’m looking at you Robert Kirkman), regardless of whether there are zombies in it or not.

When I read the personal stories by people on Medium, I look for at least a shred of self-awareness and growth.

Don’t flame your ex-, brag about all the stupid and shitty things you did to get back at them, and then complain about how you can’t find a healthy relationship.

You are one of those rare individuals who not only reveals parts of your painful past, but shows growth, awareness and an attempt to improve.

To summarize, yes, I’m a big fan.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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