1. Don’t call your unprovable assumption something I already know. We have no idea of if Biden is a good man; he’s a politician. What I‘m taking about are all the good people who, as voters, stood by and did nothing: Nader supporters in 2000 and Bernie Bros in 2016.
  2. He’s not my candidate. I already wrote that I voted for Bernie this year and in 2016. What part of that do you not understand?
  3. Every politician is a facilitator of some evil or another if they are over 40. Even Bernie, with his support of the gun industry, has some black marks on his record. I’d rather have the Senate filled with Robert Byrd instead of Susan Collins. One was a former KKK leader who voted against the War in Iraq, and received a 70% lifetime rating from the ACLU for supporting rights-related legislation. The other is a “moderate” Republican who voted with Republicans 90.5% of the time in the last Congress.
  4. “No meaningful option” is just another false equivalence made by people who they don’t understand how government functions. The environmental protection agency is tasked with protecting the environment. In 2001, George W Bush appointed a loyal Republican politician, Christine Todd Whitman to head the agency. She announced the air around Ground Zero in New York was safe to breath for workers. Thousands of first responders would die or be forced onto disability because of her lies on behalf of the administration. Obama chose Gina McCarthy, who earned a masters in environmental health engineering, and spent her entire career working on environmental issues at the state level. Agent Orange appointed Scott Pruitt, another Republican loyalist who made a career of fighting environmental regulation as Attorney General of Oklahoma. Do you not see the pattern, here?
  5. It doesn’t matter what Biden promises . You already stated “he will never take on the fossil fuel industry,” so don’t play that game with me about not trying to talk some sense into the Bernie Bros.

Don’t be as blind to the damage Agent Orange has done to this country as his idiot supporters.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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