Don’t worry, you’ll get your cut, er ah, commission. As soon as you fix, I mean, adjudicate the arbitration.

With regard to the Celtics, Brad Stevens is an amazing coach. He has taken a team without a real super star — Thomas is a wonderful offensive weapon, but his size and lack of defense neutralize much of his advantages — and made them an elite regular season team.

Unfortunately for Celtics fans, the team’s recipe for success is limited to one scenario: keep the game close until the end and hope that Thomas is on fire in the fourth quarter, while the opponent’s star players miss a couple of shots.

If you look more closely at their season you find:

  1. They are currently 4–11 against the top 3 from each conference, with games left against Cleveland, Golden State and Washington.
  2. They are 11–14 against teams over .500. So they are consistently good against bad teams (29–8).
  3. They get to play in the weaker Eastern Conference, where they win over 68.4% of their games. In the West, their winning percentage is 58.3% In the East only, they’re on pace to win 56 games. But in the West, they would only win 48.
  4. They have the 5th best record, but only the 8th best point differential in the league.

The Celtics remind me of Thibodeau’s good Bulls teams. They can grind out the regular season, but they don’t have another gear in the playoffs. Regardless of whether they have home court advantage or not, they don’t look like a team that will advance past the second round.

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