Everybody wants more claps and more money. The difference is that bloggers who write is another way to describe content marketers, whose job is to attract the most views and claps through their data analysis and social media skills, while saying almost nothing of value.

Writers who blog is another way of describing people whose main motivation is to express something of value through the art of writing. The blogging and self promotion come afterward.

Everybody vents. My point about research is that human beings tend to be so narcissistic, especially when we assume online identities, that we assume no one ever thought of the same thing. A writer puts in the work to raise their rant to something of value.

Finally, with regard to procrastination, overthinking and being a perfectionist, I’ve written a lot on those subjects, and they are tendencies that will end up hurting your writing career.

You’re new to Medium, so I highly recommend you read this piece on how the gamification of Medium plays with our heads.

Good luck in your journey!

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