Finding this gem of an article is exactly why I get so much out of Medium, in spite of the garbage, snake oil salesman, cyber bullies, bad algorithms and rampant narcissism.

And the only way I found it was by drilling down to your response to a response by Todd Hannula 🤓, one of the writers I follow, (which originally was a response to your article in response to a cranky farewell letter by another popular writer).

It really doesn’t matter which Corporate beast consumes the latest cool space. As long as we have a net neutral internet, people that want to search out truth can do it. Everyone else can stick to the four lane highways, or the center of the bazaar, and consume however much crap they want.

Thanks for such a great slice of architectural wisdom and also sharing your bona fides as someone privileged enough to have worked for (and probably been abused) by titans like Chiat-Day. (I’ve been in advertising and design since the 90’s, but have always been on my own so it used to be a dream to ply my skills for big clients like Apple.)

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