First, I did not say that Grant was the reason the Lakers won the title. I said he made a difference in how easily they won the title.

I remember the differences between the 2000, 2001 and 2002 championships. Apparently you do not.

In 2000, the Lakers tried to guard Webber and Wallace with AC Green. Both series went the distance.

In 2001, the Lakers guarded the best power forwards in the West with Grant and swept every series.

In 2002, the Lakers tried to guard Webber with Horry and the series went the distance.

As for the death lineup, the Lakers would leave Iggy and Draymond open to shoot as many 3s as they want. Even if they shoot 36% from deep, that advantage is blotted out by by the massive advantage the Lakers would have on the offensive boards.

The Lakers had the best defense in the playoffs. In preparing for a fantasy finals, the coaching staff would have to be able to study film and adjust defensive rotations to minimize Curry's open shots.

In the end, games at the highest level come down to how the stars react to pressure. The edge goes to the Lakers because Shaq would dominate inside every game.

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