First the bad news: according to Wikipedia, middle age started at 45.

Now the depressing news: according to actuarial tables in the United States, the average life expectancy for a man is 78.69 years. If we give you, as a healthy man, a bump to an expected 90 years, the middle third of your life began at 30. You’ve been middle aged for 19 years already, and headed for old age before you know it.

Now the really bad news: in terms of sports and injuries, 50 can be like a cliff you fall off of. Unless you are professionally rich and can train full time, instead of work and raise a family, the ability to recover from an injury becomes increasingly difficult. From the perspective of a former professional tennis player, 33 was the beginning of middle age for me as I realized I could no longer beat talented 18-year-olds.

And now the exceedingly grim news: your awareness of the passage of time is continually speeding up as you approach the end of your life. If you feel horrified over the loss of your imagined youth, you’ll find that middle age goes by so fast that it’s more of a speed bump you pass over before hitting old age.

Oh, I forgot the good news: your eyesight will get worse, so when you look at yourself in the mirror you’ll be able to delude yourself into thinking you look pretty good for a guy your age.

Happy upcoming birthday!

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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