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For me, the story of open bigotry began with the inauguration of a black president and this story:

The idea of a 58 year old black Harvard professor being arrested in front of his own home really brought home the concept of modern institutional racism. It didn’t happen in the South. It happened a few blocks away from the university.

For me, it wasn’t just the Michael Brown case. It is the sum of all of these stories over the last two years (though only a tiny fraction of the total cases of excessive use of force) that show this problem is a national crisis.

February 2012: the murder of Trayvon Martin. There is no doubt that institutional racism is behind “Stand Your Ground” laws that have popped up all over the Red states. This article traces the effects of the law just in Florida, where they tracked 200 cases. (Here are five of the worst Stand Your Ground cases nationally.)

June 2014: Arizona professor Ersula Ore gets arrested for jaywalking.

July 2014: Eric Garner dies after being arrested after trying to sell loose cigarettes in Staten Island, New York.

October 2014: Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer (the video was covered up for a year).

April 2015: An unarmed black man is shot in the back by a South Carolina police officer. (warning: video has graphic content)

June 2015: A little girl is tackled by a police officer responding to loud music at a pool party. WTF?

July 2015: Sandra Bland is arrested because of a traffic stop for an “improper lane change” that escalated because she refused to put out her cigarette. She somehow committed suicide in jail the next day. Apparently, being in a Texas jail is pretty damn dangerous, with 140 suicides in six years.

October 2015: A girl is arrested for texting:

Holy sh*t, every teenager in America is at risk (unless you’re white).

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