Forgiveness is divine, my friend.

But we live in a world where the same people who ask for freedom of religious expression also see the need to take away the rights of women, or kill cartoonists who draw disrespectful pictures or go insane while advocating that all gay people should be killed:

There are thousands of these lunatics actually killing gay people in Africa, in the name of their God.

God is God, and then there is religious dogma. They are two completely different things. You can choose to believe God whispered villany into the ears of men for the last two thousand years. But the line gets drawn when your beliefs are used against others.

BTW, pretentious means “attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.”

I have no interest in impressing you — that would mean that I look up to you in some way. I make no claim to be important, or particularly talented — anyone who can do a search can read about the history of corrupt religious institutions.

I’m just one person at a party who is sick of drunks coming into the living room and then vomiting on one of the guests. No one is kicking you out. Just clean up your mess.


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