From 2014:

From the article above:

“The message is clear: Cheney, a corporate shill, was more loyal to Halliburton — and the millions of dollars he earned from the company — than to the United States, and he and Halliburton manipulated the country into the Iraq War.”

From 2013:

From 2011:

He’s a lazy, double-talking shill for corporate interests. So how’s he going to fare with the Tea Party?

From 2010:

Who’s The Worst Republican Of All? How About Wisconsin Corporate Shill Paul Ryan?

From 2009:

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the worst egomaniac turn-coat corporate shill hypocrite of them all. Video demonstrates a man with NO principles.

Mirah, here are the search criteria used:

“Corporate shill 2008” came back with results from 2015

“Corporate shill 1995” got results before 2015

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