Funny post.

I almost did a spit take with my double frappuccino goat milk latte.

However, when you live in L.A. and talk about “The City” you’re talking about San Francisco.

As a lifelone Angeleno, we just say “L.A.,” or we specify the geographic location due to its immense size: “Downtown,” “Westside,” “Valley,” “Southbay,” “East LA,” “Inland Empire,” “Simi (Valley),” etc.

You don’t want to commit to meeting a friend in “The City,” because people consider Southern California (LA County, Orange County, Ventura County, and Riverside Country) as being part of “L.A.,” a geographical concept roughly the size of Belgium.

Basketball star Paul George is always considered an L.A. boy. He lived in Palmdale, which is over 70 miles away from Downtown.

It’s like saying to a visitor to New York, “let’s meet in the City,” and then you put them on a train to New Haven.

BTW, apparently ass crack, Wisconsin is located in the town of Eau Claire.

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