Funny stuff!

But dead silence from the men. I can appreciate your story, because I’ve had my share of troubles in this area, just like my dad and just about every male in the U.S. when it comes to an enlarged prostate:

Overall, the number of men with BPH increases progressively with age. By age 60, 50% of men will have some signs of BPH. By age 85, 90% of men will have signs of the condition. About one third of these men will develop symptoms that require treatment.

You’re lucky you didn’t have to be catheterized. Talk about the most taboo subject for men. Even the strongest macho man becomes a shrinking violet thinking about this procedure.

Here’s one little warning. The prostate test does not work in some cases, because the examiner can only feel the top and back of the organ. It’s possible to have blockage that causes urine to back up into the kidney. In my dad, it turned into a kidney infection that felt like a sore back. He ignored it, thinking he pulled a muscle. And even though he could still urinate, the infection got worse and eventually turned into sepsis, which almost killed him.

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