Given how close the 3 point line is in college basketball, every game will be decided by one team getting hot.

As bad as UCLA played against Arizona in the PAC-12 semi-finals, it should be noted that Arizona started the game 10 for 17 from beyond the arc, while UCLA made only four in the entire game. That’s an 18-point turnaround in a game that Arizona won by 11.

Oregon destroyed Arizona in a game where they shot 16–25 while Arizona went 5–17 from beyond the arc.

And the same thing applies to Duke against UNC. In the two games Duke won, they made a combined 23 for 44 (52%) from beyond the arc, while UNC shot a combined 9 for 34 (26.4%). In the game they lost, Duke went 7 for 19 (36.8%), while UNC shot 6 for 17 (35.3%).

I hope UCLA gets healthy and hot. They have the ability to win it all, but just as easily lose in the second round.

Go Bruins!

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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