The click-bait title probably infuriated a lot more Sanders supporters. Was this your goal, in the hope of helping Trump win?

Sanders totally dominated the 18–24 vote (82% in Hillary’s home state of New York). Just about everyone in college or about to enter college supported Sanders.

Clinton’s winning percentage among people with some college education (6.8%) or a college degree (7.8%) was far more competitive than any of the other categories.

Talking about college educated voters includes old boomers, as well as the New Democrats you wrote about. Clinton won 63.3% of voters with high school or less education, so why aren’t you writing that low information voters preferred Clinton?

The survey question about the Keystone Pipeline was a ridiculous example; the State Department expects the project would only result in a few permanent jobs that last past construction, but coming at a high environmental risk. Clearly, the Sanders supporters are showing more concern for the environment.

The argument about union support waning is flawed given the decrease in union members since Reagan crushed the air controllers union in the 80’s. Of course the unions have less power in the party — only 11.1% of workers were union members in 2015, compared to 35% during the mid-1950s. If you are going to assign causality associated with the decrease in union jobs, you might as well write about the tremendous increase in income inequality and the death of the American Dream for people born after 1970.

The only thing you wrote that has any relevance with regard to uniting the party were the last three paragraphs that give hope to Sanders supporters that Clinton will make good on the party platform to make college more affordable.

I have appreciated some of your other articles, but this one was a miss.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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