Glad to see you’re back at it, my friend.

You forgot to mention Seattle’s best play: letting the other team drive to the 1 and then fumbling into the end zone.

Without it, they would have definitely lost to the Rams, and the Eagles would have tied the score at 10 in the opening drive of the 3rd quarter.

This season, the Seahawks have been really bad when they travel east of the Mississippi, losing at Green Bay and Tennessee, while beating the pathetic Giants. Playing at Jacksonville is the trap game, as I think they should beat Dallas and Arizona, and their home field advantage might be enough to squeak out another win against the Rams.

For the Rams, unless they collapse, they will end up with at least 11 wins. I can’t see them losing to the Titans or 49ers under normal circumstances.

This week will pretty much decide the fates of the NFC West’s playoff chances. If the Rams and Seahawks both win, the Seahawks will win the division and the Rams will be the Wild Card team at 12–4. If the Rams win and Seahawks lose, the Rams will win the division and Seattle will be the Wild Card team. If the Rams lose, Seattle will win the division, and the Rams may need some help to make the playoffs as it is theoretically possible that New Orleans, Carolina and Atlanta could all get to 11 wins and create some insane tiebreaker scenarios.

I’m not sure I understand the tiebreaker rules, but it seems as if all four teams are 11–5, Atlanta wins their division based on their divisional record, New Orleans gets in (despite losing to the Rams), and Carolina and Los Angeles could be determined by win-loss percentage in common games. If they use all games, the Carolina would be 2–3 and the Rams would be 3–2, because the Saints beat Carolina twice and the Rams would beat San Francisco twice. But if they use common games (a single game against Carolina and San Francisco), the teams are tied at 2–2. The next tie breaker is “Strength of Victory,” which is the record of all teams they defeated in the season. At this point in the season, Carolina would have the edge.

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