Good luck with your new path, Paul, wherever it takes you.

But I’m going to go against the grain, because every group needs a contrarian.

Maybe your 90-day play should include exploring a few other options:

  1. Rather than train someone to replace you, can you leave early and say you’ll be available for that time period as an outside contractor? When you wrote about putting those highly paid consultants back in their place to get the originally bid project done on time and in budget, I have to imagine other companies could use someone like you. Maybe there would be less consistent work and no benefits, but making money and then having some open weeks would allow you to pursue your writing without having so much pressure to succeed in an insanely competitive and low paying field (except for the 1% that are making big money).
  2. Are there any grounds for an age-discrimination lawsuit? Assholes will continue to act like assholes as long as they can get away with it. If there is anything you can document that would indicate your boss wants to get rid of you because of “lacking energy,” “not being open to the next big thing,” “not being able to grow with the company,” etc., I’m sure a lot of this is code for getting rid of the old guy.
  3. Are you aware of the amount of marketing you need to do to support your art? This is the area where most people fall short, unless you’re a huge star with the backing of a publishing company or a movie deal. Could you build up a base of 10,000 followers on social media? It reminds me of the 1000 true fans concept.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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