Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the KD selection process. Having seen the results, when they actually do this format next year, the players with the first picks will always take the guys who can guard Lebron:

  1. PG-13 (Lakers All-Star, 2019) gets picked by the Brow.
  2. Kwahi Leonard (Philadelphia All-Star, 2019) gets picked by the Beard.
  3. Jimmy Butler gets picked by Giannis

After that, nobody has a chance.

Team Brow neutralizes Team Lebron’s front court. The threat of their outside shooting allows Dragic to take Lillard to the rim 21 straight times resulting in baskets or free throws on every single possession for the upset, 21–20.

The other big upset is Team Freak over Team Beard as Giannis jumps above Harden’s flailing arms and flops so the refs can’t call fouls as he blocks every shot put up by the Beard. As good as Kwahi is as a defender, he can’t guard Giannis, Thompson and Butler at the same time on every possession, leaving one of those players to score at will on the Beard.

In the finals, Team Brow narrowly beat Team Freak, as Davis finally reminds fans why he is the best big man in the league, and scores 21 straight points from every spot on the court. Winning the championship creates a very strong bond between the players, and Brow makes a very convincing argument to PG-13 to become a Pelican, until George shows him all his new commercials and movie cameos. Brow signs with the Lakers in 2020, who go on to win the NBA Championship.

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