Great article.

As a Ram fan, I have to list a number of petty concerns:

  1. With the exception of a few big turnovers, the Rams defense has been pretty awful this season. I hoping this is the game where they won’t back down.
  2. But the Seattle O-line has been pretty bad, so here’s hoping they have another breakdown this Sunday.
  3. The Rams are tied for 4th in the league in takeaways, but only have a +2 differential. They fumbled three times against the 49ers in a game they were leading, so it didn’t matter that much. These games always are decided by turnovers, so fans are always complaining that other team got lucky, while begging their team not to do them like that.
  4. A win for the Rams, and Seattle is simply back to square one — we know they’ll come back strong in November and December.
  5. A loss for the Rams and the fans might be crying “you wreck me,” as a game against Seattle has resulted in a loss the following week five of the last six times they played. (Some of this has to do with how bad the Rams were, but a lot of it has to do with how badly teams get beat up by the Seahawks. So far, every team that has played Seattle this year has lost their next game.)
  6. All I can say is I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Is this the year the Rams are finally runnin’ down a dream? Or will they be free fallin’ once again?
  7. Are the Rams learning to fly, or crawling back to “ewe”?
  8. There’s not a lot of room at the top. You don’t know how it feels to be a Rams fan. All I know is if we have been fooled again, it’s time to move on to the start of the NBA season.

Still sad. RIP TP

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