Great article. You hit on everything I’ve been writing about during Season 8.

But The Transformers reference was especially funny for me, because it was part of a draft I started to write after episode 803:

We dreamed of Red Wedding cake but were served cotton candy. The lost vision of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (“D & D”), and how they turned Game of Thrones into the Transformers.

Through its first five seasons, Game of Thrones was universally acclaimed as one of the greatest and best-loved TV shows of all time.

As the show moved passed the source material, the plot holes, impossible logistics and arbitrary examples of “deus ex Martina” have been as difficult to watch as the Mountain crushing someone’s skull with his bare hands — some of us are disgusted, some of us turn our eyes away, and some of us watch in horror simply because it looks so cool.

All I can say now is that Game of Thrones will go down as one of the best loved TV shows of all time. People were so invested in GRRM’s characters and incredible story telling, there’s no way the final season won’t be a huge commercial success. But that doesn’t mean it retains its status as a work of art.

Fans will beg GRRM to finish the books with even more fervor, in the hopes that he will restore the story to its original greatness and wash out the bad taste of D&D’s sour creative juices (or worse).

I just had so much stuff to say, I couldn’t finish that article before D&D ignored the momentum of seven years of character development in Episode 804, while irrational fans clamored for the terrible endings that showrunners were giving them.

Then Episode 805 was the final straw, and I started to compare GOT to The Simpsons fart jokes.

But, if we ignore the 12 episodes between Episode 701 and 806, the series finale was actually very good.

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