Holly, every forward thinking person loves Bernie Sanders. But if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, I’m not going to let my disappointment stop me from working my ass off to get a Democrat elected president.

Please don’t let your anger create a false equivalency between Hillary and GOP candidates. The main reason this country got f*cked by George W Bush is because people bought into the lie that both parties are the same. Don’t make the same mistake in 2016 that Ralph Nader voters made in 2000. Here are a few political realities to keep in mind:

  1. Politics is mostly bullish*t and corruption. The real heroes, like Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are fighting vested interests and structural mechanisms that make it very difficult for them to win the White House.
  2. Even if he wins, Sanders will face the same obstructionist Congress that refused any compromise over the last eight years. Don’t think for a minute Bernie can eliminate private health insurers.
  3. Your passion needs to extend beyond this primary season to the national election. If any GOP candidate wins in 2016, they will make you wish for the good old days of George W. Bush.
  4. Do the work at your local level. We need to overcome the dominance of the Republicans in state legislatures, because it allows them to control Congressional districts, causing huge imbalances in Congress. The GOP has benefitted from the most egregious gerrymandering in American history.
  5. We need a Democratic president to appoint Supreme Court Justices. With four justices ranging from 76 to 82 years old, the Supreme Court will see big changes soon. If a Republican wins in 2016, the Supreme Court could be completely dominated by conservative judges who will assuredly set this country back 100 years.
  6. We need a Democrat in the White House to veto every destructive bill that will be passed by Congress for the next four years.
  7. Whether you want to accept it or not, Hillary Clinton is a feminist.

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