Holly, I enjoy your acid wit, but your condemnation of Boomers rings about as true as characterizing millennials as lazy, self-entitled bitches that have the attention span of amoebas and consider social change to be liking a Facebook post by The Other 98%.

Here’s a little history for you.

Our earliest memories were of curling under our desks during nuclear attack drills. Is it any wonder so many people were hypnotized by Communist paranoia until the fall of the Berlin wall, followed by the fear mongering the Bushistas created with the war on terror?

We lost our innocence early as the three greatest heroes of our generation were assassinated in the span of five years. We learned that our leaders lied to us about the Viet Nam War and had the first president resign from office because he subverted every ideal we learned in civics class. Roe v Wade turned our allies who marched in the Civil Rights movement into our political foes.

JFK was part of the Greatest Generation, but so was Nixon, Reagan and Bush. We got three years of Camelot and twenty-nine more of burning Beatles records, race riots, assassinations, Viet Nam, Watergate, OPEC, union busting, Orwellian disinformation, the southern strategy, Iran Contra and Gulf War I.

Any child who survives molestation or domestic violence has three ways to deal with these wounds: become an activist and fight so this never happens to anyone again; replay your trauma on the next generation; or medicate yourself through sex, drugs, music, gambling, shopping, etc. so you don’t ever feel again.

So for all the assholes who ended up in the last two camps, there were still millions of us who fought the good fight — regardless of the decades of sh*t dumped on us —as evidenced by the Civil Rights movement, the anti-war demonstrations, Women’s Lib, Greenpeace, and consumer advocacy.

You’re welcome.

Your generation has had twenty-four years of Boomer leadership: eight years of Clinton (economic recovery), eight years of W (disaster) and seven years of Obama (cleaning up the wreckage). It hasn’t been good, but don’t get all nostalgic about how great everything was for us.

I hope you are making your voice heard on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders. It would be nice to read a post from you about your work on the phone banks, or knocking on doors and making senior citizens Feel the Bern.

Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, we all need to work together to avoid the catastrophe of another Republican president. (BTW, Kasich, who pretends to be the adult in the room, already signed a law in Ohio to defund Planned Parenthood, so there’s not even one viable candidate on that side).

It’s not enough to rant on Medium and get a bunch of green hearts.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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